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RedwoodJS Newsletter
RedwoodJS Newsletter
Welcome to another edition of the RedwoodJS newsletter. In this edition, we’ll recap an eventful month in which David Price hosted Prisma Day, Rob made a game, and we followed SemVer to a T by releasing another major version. (Don’t panic!)
Look forward to our next big event next week on June 30th: Redwood Climate Office Hours.

Redwood Climate Office Hours on June 30th 🗓
How to Use Queues with RedwoodJS
Rememory: RedwoodJS Edition
How Redwood and Prisma Make Frontend Developers Fullstack
Along with David Price emceeing Prisma day, Amy Dutton gave an awesome talk about how Redwood and Prisma make frontend developers fullstack. Click the video below for a time-stamped link.
Prisma Day 2022
Prisma Day 2022
Sebastien Lorber • 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
@sugarpirate_ @lencioni @AirbnbEng @devongovett @gabescholz @kyleshevlin @remix_run @ItsJustDrewit @danilowoz @vmiksu @AlbinGroen 🧵 Redwood 2.0 by @desaadi307

Framework already 2.0 only 3 months after 1.0? Don't panic!

Major versions are not sacred, simply signaling a few little breaking changes

@mojombo explains the commitment to respect SemVer in a great blog post 👌
Heroes of Redwood
My handwriting is awful.
I can write a card but my mom would ring me up to ask what I wrote on that card. My spelling, grammar, and punctuation are abysmal. Growing up, some people thought I was stupid, but I actually have dyslexia.
Dyslexia makes me different. I think differently. Sometimes it can be hard for people to understand me. When I was a child, I looked up to Richard Branson because he started the Virgin Group and he was dyslexic. To me, he proved that even if you have difficulties in learning, there are still paths to success.
Today, my path to success is through coding, which enables me to build out my ideas and be an entrepreneur. I’m a better programmer because I have dyslexia and can see the bigger picture. Everyone has a path that they can excel in. You have to find it.
Chris and his co-founder Will, are building an ambitious startup on RedwoodJS backed by leading angels in the Jamstack space. Redwood has taught Chris what a great community in Javascript can look like. Through the community, he met his co-host Anthony Campolo for the Fullstack Jamstack podcast! Together, they’ve passed over 20,000 downloads!
Make sure you check out Chris’s startup Everfund and the latest episode of Fullstack Jamstack!
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RedwoodJS Newsletter
RedwoodJS Newsletter @redwoodjs

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