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RedwoodJS Newsletter - Issue #4

RedwoodJS Newsletter
RedwoodJS Newsletter
Welcome to the fourth issue of the RedwoodJS newsletter. We already know what you’re thinking: “What—a new format again?” That’s right! Always keep iterating, and always keep shipping. 🚢 (Right?)
Having said that, we hope Revue will stick. Let us know what you think in the forums.
Don’t miss our first post-v1 meetup later this month. If you liked the format of our meetups during launch week, it’ll be similar, showcasing projects, partners, and people.

RedwoodJS 1.0 Meetup: April 28th
Stripe Developers
We’re back next week with the next StripeDev Live Q&A. We’ll be talking about Redwood JS with @desaadi307, @that_chrisvdm, and @paul_asjes on Apr 20 at 9AM ET:
Debugging the api side with VSCode
Redwood Startup Showcase
Redwood Startup Showcase is a new series where Tom Preston-Werner interviews startups built on Redwood. They go deep into the architecture of their startups. Check out the first two episodes:
Redwood Startup Showcase - Tape
Redwood Startup Showcase - Tape
Redwood Startup Showcase - CourseLift
Redwood Startup Showcase - CourseLift
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RedwoodJS Newsletter
RedwoodJS Newsletter @redwoodjs

Redwood is the open source, full-stack web framework designed to help you grow from side project to startup.

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